Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Your Questionable Inner Voice

Swami Yatiswarananda: "Ordinary people should not mistake their own voice for the divine Voice which cannot be so easily heard as people think. Only when our minds are purified and our wills are united with the divine Will can we hear the Voice. Our whole being must vibrate with divine vibrations before we can hear the Voice. And, we should note that the Voice does not contradict reason but transcends it.

"In these days, it has become fashionable to hear 'inner voice', and most of these cases are of questionable nature." (pg. 274, Meditation and Spiritual Life)

Swami Sivananda: "The pure conscience itself is the "Inner Voice". But the difficulty in the ordinary man is that the voice of the lower mind, the voice of the brutal instincts, is often misunderstood as the voice of conscience. As a result of such misunderstanding, guided by his animal tendencies, he commits colossal blunders, involving danger to others. It requires a great degree of purity and calmness of mind to hearken the true Inner Voice."  (pg. 169, May I Answer That?)

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