Sunday, 6 January 2013

Which is the Most Powerful Mantra?

"All mantras have equal potency or power. It is quite incorrect if you say one mantra is superior to another. You can attain god-realisation by doing japa of any mantra," Swami Sivananda (pg. 181, Self-Knowledge)

Swami Chidananda: "You should stick to one mantra. You should not change from one mantra to another." (pg. 37, Eternal Message of Swami Chidananda)


  1. Jai! Guru-Ji!!! Thank You for this wonderful message and clarification of the truth regarding the Sacred Mantras!
    Hari Om!
    Om Sri Kali Ma!
    Jai Kali! Jai Ma! Bhavatarini!
    Om Krim Kali!
    Om Namah Narayana!
    Om Shanti!


    (And Thanks to you, Kumar-ji - Brother-in-God)

  2. Hari Om, James-ji! I am glad I was of some help. Actually, I have no part in it. I merely "cut and pasted".

    I am certain the "Guru ji" salutation was not meant for me. I am sorry for even to think that it was. If it, however, had been, then, I should ask you to desist from doing so---that salutation is reserved only for the TRUE guru!
    (We are brothers-in-God).

    I am sorry if I had been mistaken, James-ji.


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