Sunday, 13 March 2011

Why Has It Happened to Japan? Collective Karma?

Dr. M.H.Syed (M.A.,Phd,DLitt): "Whatever is true in the case of an individual is also true in the case of a nation, for individuals make a nation. ‘As in small, so in great,’ says ancient Hermes.

"The collective Karma of a race or a nation is as much a fact in Nature as an individual one. The same principles underlying the Karmic laws apply, without much wide difference, to national and collective Karma. Nations rise and fall, empires flourish and are dismembered on the same ground. The wise heads in a nation should not neglect the dominating sway of this law.

"In the midst of a national calamity it is well to remember that nothing can come to us which we have not deserved. We may not be able to see the immediate cause of the catastrophe, but it does not follow that it took place without sufficient cause.

"During the last thousand years and more many heart-rending and humiliating events occurred on the soil of Mother India, devastating the whole land, robbing her sons of their precious jewels and even more precious lives.

"The incidents of our own times are too fresh in our memories to need any repetition. Have these soul-scorching incidents and cataclysms taken place without any rhyme or reason? No: there is nothing that can happen to us beyond the scope of the good and utterly just laws. In our ignorance we may not be able to trace the immediate cause with certainty, definiteness and accuracy, but this much is certain beyond the least shadow of doubt, that nothing unmerited can happen to us or to our country.

"Our own apathy, indifference, lack of patriotism, communal and caste dissensions, mutual hatred, suspicion and strife, have been the main cause of our present and past degradation.

"As our collective Karma brought on us the wrath of divine justice and fit retribution closely followed in the wake of our evil deeds, and we deservedly suffered and paid for them heavily, so we can again exert our collective will in the right direction and learn to be wise and circumspect in the light of our past bitter experience and humiliation. In the course of time, we shall again see the eclipse of downfall, servitude and thraldom, and we shall once more be free and great as our forefathers were.

The above is an excerpt from Swami Sivananda's "Practice of Karma Yoga" (pgs. 89-90)  

Swami Sivananda: God is great. Resign yourself completely to His Will. His Will is great and His actions are wise. Nobody can grudge or complain when the collective Karma is in operation. There is always a chapter of accidents in the history of Nature’s work. Let us be sincere and offer our actions and fruits at His feet as Ishvararpana. Let us never forget Him. Let us pray for the Peace of the whole world.
May you be ceaselessly engaged in the pursuit of Atmic enquiry! May peace abide with you forever! (pg. 46, Light, Power & Wisdom)

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