Wednesday, 2 June 2010

White Sugar

If you thought that "white sugar" comes from sugar cane…you were wrong! White sugar is NOT vegan. Ever wonder how they bleach the sugar to make it white? Well, you are about to find out. If you like candy bars, you might want to enjoy your last one. Wanna know where it comes from?

It is made from COWS…COW BONES.

Introduction: By now it is common knowledge that for the production of sugar some animal bone is used for the filtration or discoloration of sugar. However, the use of sugar is so widely prevalent that many have been given to understand that there is no additive in the form of animal product, and also somehow we are given the impression that the final product "sugar" does not directly come in contact with the animal matter, and hence there is no cause for concern.

We were asked to carry out tests to check if sugar contains any animal residue in it . When checking the testing procedures we were shocked to find that no such full proof tests exist, and the normal testing procedure, which does test for calcium, cannot distinguish between calcium in bone and calcium of cane.

Hence a detailed study of the process was decided, and we briefly present here our study.

Brief Report: During the study it has been seen that almost all the sugar mills are using Bone Meal, that is, bone carbon of animals, mainly "Cows", for the cane sugar process to make the sugar white. It is so widely prevalent that we were shocked to find out that huge quantities of cow bone are being imported from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. It surprising that though vegetable carbon can be used for this purpose, all mills almost uniformly use animal bones/cow bones for the purpose, as this is cheaper.

There may be a few sugar mills which may not be using bone carbon, but it is very rare and we are yet to trace such a mill. We are still continuing this study to find any kind of tests, and further study the mills process, and recommend better process. At the moment our concentration is on finding mills that do not use bone carbon for their process.

Beet sugar invariable does not use animal bone and can be totally vegetarian.

The above has been adapted from the following site: And it has been edited for clarity.

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